Thursday, 9 February, 2017

Various Layouts

Some Layouts from various projects. I never took any copies of the work I did at the various studios where I've worked through out my career. May be I should have taken it for showcasing them as portfolio...hmm. Let us start a new habit then, eh?



Monday, 26 December, 2016

A world that awaits us...May be!

Character Line up...the mutants!

Clause the North pole!

Friday, 2 January, 2015

DUTCH ANGLE SHOT, an unnecessary one at the least. The Mercs awaiting the arrival  of the carriage with a precious cargo! 

Commission art I did for a friend from Australia, his buddy the stand up guy donning an ape astronaut get up! How kool is that! 

Concept art for IronMan Whiplash hybrid- Steampunk style!

Baymax - The IronMax

Spawn Fan art I

Spawn fan art II

Steampunk IronMan concept.