Sunday, 21 February, 2010

The Role-Models

Mahishi !

Born as an abomination? But destined to rule the "woods". Terrorizing all, that dwells in the forest! But sad as it seems, this existence was a curse for this 'once beautiful creature!'...


They dwell on the walls of my room!
I have seen them drag my dreams to their world and play with them like little kids playing with their stuffed toys. The dreams suffer the same fate as the toys...being torn from limb to limb by these cute 'n' cuddly wall crawlers!

Freaks of nature!

Senseless and baseless freaks of nature!
They knows nothing of their origin!


Misunderstood! For the power he holds knows no bounds!

Valiant-Next Gen-

A little cluttered when it comes to composition, still I luvd it!
He is really trying hard to escape from the serpent! Wish I could give him a little more edge to his action! Hmmm!