Sunday, 29 November, 2009

A New Beginning!

I feel like I am back!

A lot has changed since I first started blogging. For me it used to be a medium, to show off my talents. Back then I didn't know any one I knew had a blog, it was one of my proud possessions. Then the reality of the stuff started to unfold, I found out what a fool I was. Blog was never a medium for my friends to show off, rather they used it to develop their skills and knowledge. Me! I was busy being the "talent", but never the real deal! People think very high of me...but only I know how low I am compared to them. My capabilities used to be accurate and sharp...years back that is. Now, they are mere shadows of my past. On my way to the valley I lost my true path. I am still searching for it. All I have left, is some light off the torch I used to hold.I hope that will be enough. I hope that I can find my way back. I want to find my way back, because I always loved the heights.

The fact is...It has been so long since I drew anything that could be near in comparison to the art works that I have shown here...I am not saying that they are perfect or fully fledged, but they had something that my works lack now...passion...commitment! I still am searching for my mistakes, but the clarity of my mistakes are as plain and simple as the water that flows freely, too simple that I cannot see. Where did I go wrong?